Dyed Stones Properties

Stones and rocks which can be dyed are those having porosity in the structure. Generally the coloring process is by dipping in a solution the mineral where the dye which in turn penetrates into the pores the mineral, and are deposit in these micro cavities.

This process and the substances used do not alter the crystalline structure of the stone, which remains the same both physically and energetically. What they do is filling the "empty space" of the crystal structure without disturbing it.

 Today there is much talk on the importance of energy stones colors but we must know that the energy vibration of the color of the stone is not the only vibration that hasif it were as well clear quartz energy would have no importance, but we know precisely clear quartz is the most important when we treat the quartz energy level. That is because of its perfect crystal structure and not its color, since it has no the second.

It is clear that the color of a stone provides many properties to it. They are called chromotherapy properties, but we must not fall into the simplistic just judge a stone by its color.

We must take in mind the chromotherapy effects are obtained from any material having the desired coloration and that chromotherapy can be used colorful plastic, cellophane paper, glass, paint walls, even usually indicates the color of the clothing that the person to be treated should be used. It is obvious that any of these materials have a "natural color", but still serve their purpose perfectly.

Being as well we can conclude that even the color has a stone is is not natural color, is valid for processes chromotherapy

The idea that a mineral loses its therapeutic properties for being dyed is wrong.

We can even say, the dyeing process not only retains its properties but also adds energy properties to the stone, creating a combination of the crystal vibrating structure and color added to often could not be found in nature.

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