Jasper is energizing, promotes self-esteem and combats the shyness, stimulates the initiation of new projects.

Helps to face life harder and have more aggression toward adversities. Ideal for entrepreneurs.

Also it is a protective stone, use it to view protects from the evil eye and negative energies.

The ancients used it as a powerful sexual stimulant, and to regulate there productive system dysfunctions.

There are many kinds of jasper and may have different colors and patterns, some of them are:

Red Jasper is a redstone and is bound to the first Chakra.

It is a mineral that intensifies emotions, passion, intense love, fervent feelings are fed by this stone.

Green jasper increases vital force, balance the duality stabilizing the various aspects of life. Releases of obsessions and benefits the heart chakra.

Blue jasper is allied to throat chakra. Connect with the spiritual world, very suitable for meditation, spirituality and increases your information. Help to make astral travel. Maintains energy during fasting or dieting.

Jasper dalmatian, to equal the zebra, is related to the energy balance.

The Jaspers terracotta tones as the landscape, and wood gives self confidence and strength assisting in overcoming obstacles. It connects us to the ground and to reality.

The predominant color yellow jasper in addition attract financial success.

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