Its therapeutic qualities are as numerous as their diversity of colors, chakras are working according to the color of each agate.

According to therapists who work with gems and minerals, agate balances the physical and mental benefits the heart chakra and the solar plexus chakra.

Considered by the ancients as a magic stone, agate emerges eloquence, courage, self-confidence and creativity. Attracts wealth and moves away the evil eye. It is the stone of prosperity.

Agate can be used both for making jewelry and decorative objects. The agate geodes are stones of great beauty and they bring many benefits to the environment.

Used as a decorative piece at the entrance of the home or workplace, especially in retail, wealth attracts and blocks the evil eye.

Agates natural color tones usually have brown, yellow, orange, gray to black, soft shades of green and blue. The Indian Agate presents a mix of natural colors ranging from red to green. The carnelian is a variety of red agate.

For the agate look alive and vibrant shades of color for decorative purposes or for making jewelry and costume jewelry pigmentation methods is used. The result is very nice and striking stones, bright colors like pink, purple, blue, green etc. ....

This brings the qualities chromotherapy stones without altering the natural energy properties of agate.

Dyed agates are ideal for making fashion accessories such as necklaces and bracelets, due to the intense brightness of the united agate with vibrant colors.

Agate geodes from Brazil are usually dyed pretty colors and are beautiful pieces in decorating.    

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