Its color goes all the shades between blue and violet dimly lit purple red. Considered the stone of "Seventh Ray", the "transmuting Violet Flame", is the cornerstone of the mystics and spiritual realization, is the gem associated Sant Germain.

The Amathyst open the seventh chakra and the third eye, sharpens intuition, facilitates comprehension and persuasion.

According to the Gemotherapy the amethyst benefits of red blood cells, heart, nervous system and protects against diseases. Good to treat migraine, asthma and arthritis.

Harmonizes and environments beings turning negative energy into positive. Take away the fears and nightmares, facilitating a peaceful sleep. Uplifting.

Its name in Greek "amethistos" means "to prevent drunkenness." Ideal for treating addictions, brings balance and inner peace to the anguished, comforts and relieves pain sentimental, helping to overcome the losses.

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