The tourmaline is presented in the full range of colors, common being the mixture of two or more colors in the same gem. The variety schorl (chorlo) is the most abundant on the planet and its color is black. Well known as black tourmaline or schorl tourmaline.

According to gemstone therapy tourmalines are generally very beneficial for the physical and mental, protect, clean and stabilize the energy fields of living beings. as these practices are believed to decrease pain tourmalines of serious health problems.

Highly recommended to benefit the chakra heart when presented in green, Verdelite, or pinkish, rubellite, and the variety "watermelon" featuring the two colors juntas.La rubellite, is the stone of pasióny of love, but also regulating impulses provides sexual and emotional stability, increases self-esteem and combat shyness.

Black tourmaline is widely used as stone protective, since the discharge to earth negative energies that fall on the person who take. It also increases intuition and for meditation. When used rough for decoracióny feng shui, black tourmaline filtered radiation from Electronic appliances, protects from the evil eye, cleaning and stabilizing the energy fields of the environment.

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