Tiger eye:

Brown with golden rays, ideal to harmonize the third Chakra, in addition its characteristic bright effect is linked with solar energy. It is a warm, vibrant and stimulating Crystal, it brings self-reliance and capacity. Ideal for the shy and introverted.

It promotes release of power at all levels, opening roads, freeing ideas, redirecting concepts, favoring moving, illuminating the mind and spirit.

It is the stone of freedom.

It helps in difficult ruptures avoiding resentments and emotional suffering.

By its "eye" effect, it is considered as a protective amulet, mainly against the evil eye. It is also very suitable to attract money and abundance.

Bull Eye:

Bull Eye is called the reddish brown Tiger Eye. For its dark red and gold veining is a very powerful stone that activates vital energy from the first Chakra intensify the inner strength of the individual. It is a stone that brings courage and bravery, helps to overcome periods of stress. Unleash the warrior who lives in everyone, and it helps to face financial difficulties.

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