Since centuries the pendulum is used an instrument to request in in dowsing and other methods.

The pendulum functions as an amplifier of the vibrations generated by nerve impulses from the person who uses it.

Using the pendulum to objective questions get positive or negative results.

The result obtained through the pendulum is the response of the operator subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind is able to perceive subtle energies whether from people places or objects. The wisdom of the collective unconscious can also be perceived through this method.

Being so when the operator ask a question in his conscious objective amplifies the pendulum swings and the answer becomes your subconscious knows or perceives.

Overall clockwise oscillations are positive and are a "yes" and counterclockwise are negative they represent a "no".

But each person perceives and expresses the energy personally, so everyone should find their own "yes" and "no". This is achieved by determining the pattern of a series of questions that the answers are known.

The pendulum can be used for any type of consultation, since the question is objective and satisfactory answer with a yes or a no. Complex questions can be divided into several simple questions.

In the field of alternative therapies the pendulum is widely used for the diagnosis of energy points, as the chakras, for Reiki energy measurement, the choice of treatments, etc …
There are Reiki Masters who use pendulums minerals as routers and amplifiers Reiki energy, making diagnosis and treatment simultaneously.

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