In ancient times, the Chinese discovered by accident that physical contact with some stones can produce a therapeutic effect, and from this discovery the theory of "curing diseases with stones" originated.

Bian stone is registered in the literature of the ancient Chinese dynasty as a type of stone therapeutic effects.

The use of stone Bian is the beginning of acupuncture and several other Chinese healing methods.

On the principles of acupuncture this stone was used to make the instruments necessary for their practice.

Although modern acupuncture, metals replace Bianstone, this stone is still largely used in various therapeutic methods of Chinese medicine.

According to these methods it is believed that this stone contains more than sixteen and thirty rare trace elements which are necessary and beneficial for humans.

It also produces a broad spectrum of infrared radiation and ultrasonic pulses when in contact with skin that can improve our microcirculation and metabolism, strengthen the immune system and internal organs.

Today Bian stone is used in Chinese medicine for the treatment of several maladies primarily at neck and back pains as well as migraine.

The followers of the use of stone Bian say that recent studies demonstrating their physical properties testify therapeutic efficacy.

The Bian stone therapy has been officially declared and approved by the China Association of Acupuncture and Moxibustion (CAAM).

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