Healing Wands:

The wands, magic staves, and rods have been used since ancient times for virtually all cultures, archetypes being one of the most widespread and present in our unconscious. Wands found in fairy tales, canes with religious figures, the scepters as indispensable tools for the representation of power.

Today, apart from the magical and ritualistic use, these tools are being used in the field of parapsychology, dowsing, energy manipulation and healing practices that use life energy as a means of cure.

According to these practices magic wands or sticks, also called Healing Wands, have the ability to focus energy while the amplified.

The wands that are simple represent the male energy, but also, in its elaboration, may represent the spine, and increased to a sphere or other object yin represents the union of masculine and feminine.

As such a tool for capturing, channeling and energy application.

The instruments males (yang), channel and expel energy and feminine (yin) absorb and amplify, according to this principle, more wands used today are those that have at one end a sensor of energy, like a sphere or merkaba and at the other end a "pointer" router, as a point of quartz or metal.

Using these modern wands varies widely, are versatile instruments.

They can be used as auxiliary applications Reiki to energize objects or channeling one's energy toward a goal, whether concrete or subjective.

They can also be used as screening tools to draw perimeters (circles) power protection to dispel negative energies and "cut spells". Also increases the capacity of atmokinesis.

The method is almost always hold the wand in your hand and point it to where you have to project energy, using methods such as psychic awareness, channeling and personal energy, but there are other ways to use the wands to channel cosmic energy or the natural environment. An example is standing holding the wand with the tip downward to allow energy to flow from heaven to earth.

The rod is closely related to the will of those who use it, and work to make it happen.

The material of the wand, it is also very varied, the most common being wood, minerals and metals such as copper. The materials can also be mixed to obtain better results.

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